Our team members have extensive experience in the Public Sector

A selection of our references includes: 

  • Development of a structuring plan for a regulatory agency in Romania, including the assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the current organization, evaluation of best practices in Europe, definition of options and selection of the target operating model, implementation plan development, evaluation of staff for key positions
  • Assessment of cost reduction options for major Government entity and setup of a cost optimization and reorganization program
  • Evaluation of the operating model for a large municipality organization and development of a transformation plan, including a new organizational model, revised processes and responsibilities, cost reduction potential; setup of an implementation plan for the transformation
  • Development of a strategy for state owned companies in an SEE country, assessing the current status and the potential for ~30 companies in different economic sectors, in the context of potential macroeconomic scenarios and developing recommendations for the companies (restructuring, privatizations, etc.); setup of an improved governance model for the state owned enterprises (including structure and role of the Board, executive management, KPIs and reporting framework)
  • Definition of a transformation plan for municipal companies in various fields (public transportation, asset management, etc.), including org redesign and efficiency improvements measures
  • High level opportunity assessment for transforming a major scientific project into a driver for boosting the value-added economy in Romania, definition of change requirements for rollout and of a high level implementation plan
  • Opportunity assessment for setting up a National Development Bank in Romania, including the definition of an operating model (organization requirements, products and services, technology requirements) as well as the related business case
  • Development of a restructuring plan for a national airline, including evaluation of top line efficiency improvement measures (route optimization, pricing structure optimization, non-core revenue initiatives) as well as of bottom line measures (fuel cost reduction, organizational restructuring and productivity improvements, fleet renewal, maintenance and repairs strategy, retail network optimization and channel shift, commission structure revitalization, etc.) and the elaboration of a state aid program
  • Definition of several state-aid schemes in various areas, including movies industry, large energy consumers, etc.