Our team members have extensive experience in Industrials, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense

A selection of our references includes: 

  • Development of a restructuring plan for a national airline, including evaluation of top line efficiency improvement measures (route optimization, pricing structure optimization, non-core revenue initiatives) as well as of bottom line measures (fuel cost reduction, organizational restructuring and productivity improvements, fleet renewal, maintenance and repairs strategy, retail network optimization and channel shift, commission structure revitalization, etc.) and the elaboration of a state aid program
  • Energy cost optimization for a large energy consumer in the industrial goods industry
  • Impact assessment for the environment measures on the energy costs for large industrial players in Romania; development of a state aid scheme, in line with EU regulations
  • Design-for-cost for several large automotive tier 1 suppliers: cost decomposition for a wide selection of products, assessment of options for simplifying elements / subcomponents / manufacturing steps in order to reduce total costs
  • Several sourcing / procurement optimizations for major OEMs and industrial goods companies: assessment of procurement spend across wide varieties of parts and components, evaluation of sourcing practices and of the supply market dynamics, development of sourcing strategies, RFI / RPFs elaboration and response evaluation, support for negotiations with shortlisted suppliers, development of transition plans to new suppliers
  • Transformation of a large car distributor in Romania: efficiency benchmarking in the industry (domestic and regional) overall and by location / type of activity, evaluation of options for increasing sales and cost reduction, implementation plan development
  • Regional growth strategy for large industrial goods manufacturer in Romania: evaluation of market potential for a selection of countries in the region, assessment of the competitive environment, prioritization of growth opportunities
  • Commercial due diligences for several companies in the industry
  • Privatization strategy for large player in the process industry, including related CDD and support for Info Memo preparation
  • Post merger integration for 2 major players in the industry, reviewing synergies (organization, product lines, procurement and supply chain, etc.) and project management for synergies realization
  • Assessment of key levers for top line growth at a major OEM with operations in Romania, including options for stimulating sales of new vehicles and taxation systems to discourage registration of polluting vehicles