Our team members have extensive experience in the Financial Services industry

A selection of our references includes: 

  • Development of strategic scenarios for a major bank, modeling potential macro developments and action plans for the bank, including implications in terms of product focus, organizational changes, technology requirements
  • Several commercial due diligences for large banks in Romania and in the region
  • Development and implementation of a pricing strategy for a major bank with operations in Romania for a selection of key products, including customer surveys, analysis of elasticity to price changes, new pricing plan definition, impact assessment, implementation plan setup
  • Definition of a comprehensive transformation programs for 2 large banks in Moldova, including assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the incumbent business model, evaluation of the competitive environment, development of strategic directions and of change requirements at the product, organization and process and technology level, setup of a project management structure and of an ongoing PMO
  • Definition of a transformation plan for major European insurance company with operations in Romania, including cost reduction measures, reorganization and process optimization options, back office and shared services setup
  • Assessment of back-office process optimization potential for a major Romanian bank, including analysis of best practices, benchmarking of efficiency and effectiveness, further centralization of transactional services, automation potential, rollout of Lean for implementation
  • Development of IT strategy and process alignment for major international bank with operations in Romania, including maturity assessment for the existing IT systems, change requirements, business case, assessment and selection of the IT systems, vendors onboarding
  • Setup of a mobile bank and of an NFIs in SEE, including product and process setup, business plan development, registration, IT strategy and systems selection, PMO for the implementation
  • Insurance broker channel transformation, including process optimization, as well as reshaping of key process including contracting, reporting and KPIs
  • Sourcing cost optimization for a large bank with operations in Romania, addressing several key categories and generating sustainable double digits savings
  • Impact study – together with the Banking Association – evaluating the current banking sector role in the economy, as well as the impact of digitalization for the society and for the banking system
  • Evaluation of the impact of cash payments on the economy and assessment of the economic impact of increased volumes of electronic payments
  • Opportunity assessment for setting up a National Development Bank in Romania, including the definition of an operating model (organization requirements, products and services, technology requirements) as well as the related business case