What do we stand for

Our extensive experience on the Romanian market helped us understand what was missing in the consulting space: a firm providing top level consulting services at value-for-money fees. Valorem was setup to fill in this gap.



What makes us different 

One of the most experienced teams on the Romanian market  

With a cumulative experience of over 200 years, we worked across:

  • Geographies, from Romania to SEE, Europe at large and US
  • All major industries 
  • All key functional areas of consulting.  

Value for money 

Our experienced consultants don't show up only for pitches and key meetings, or act as subject matter experts, they actually work in all our projects, together with our client teams. This allows us to be more efficient and effective, and to provide better value for money

Results driven 

We don't create only slides and reports, we do not come with "canned" solutions that may have worked somewhere but may not be a fit for our clients, and we don't recycle slides with generic recommendations. We focus on results: our commitment to our clients is that we will create real, tangible value for their business, addressing unique problems with unique solutions and putting their interests first.   


We are a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Our team has worked in top management consulting forms, private equity firms and had executive position in high profile companies, hence providing various skills which are needed in today's business environment.

While we focus on management consulting, we are aware of the fact that for large and complex projects, other services may also be needed, therefore we complement our experience with strategic partners like law and insolvency firms, compliance and internal audit firms, technology companies.

All our strategic partners have been selected carefully and we worked with them since a long time; hence, our cooperation is seamless, we work as one team and you will always have one point of contact - eliminating the complexity and inefficiency of multiple, unaligned stakeholders.   

End-to-end services

We support our clients from idea generation to full implementation, working side by side with your teams in an agile manner and embedding key skills and expertise in your organization. This end-to-end is another way in which we ensure that we deliver actual results, not just guidance and reports which most often remain unimplemented.  


What we do 

We help clients increase the value of their companies:

Strategy, Corporate Finance, Financing, M&A

Today's business environment is changing fast: new technologies emerge, globalization and new business models reduce barriers of entry, consolidation is growing in many industries and markets, and the regulatory environment is increasingly challenging. In order to navigate this complex and uncertain environment, companies need to review and adapt their strategies more frequently, and to implement the newly defined strategies fast. To help clients succeed in this environment, we address topics like :    

  • Strategy definition and review 
  • Performance management 
  • End-to-end M&A: strategy, due diligence, transaction support, post-acquisition integration
  • Capital markets, financing and refinancing
  • Board advisory services 

Marketing & Sales 

Marketing and sales techniques are getting new valences: the importance of multi-channel strategies is growing, analytics required to leverage huge amounts of data available are increasingly complex and becoming truly customer-centric requires significant changes in the way of working of all companies. We help customer master these challenges through:   

  • Pricing optimization
  • Branding and rebranding 
  • Salesforce effectiveness 
  • Marketing effectiveness 
  • Customer centricity 
  • Sales analytics 
  • Digital & e-commerce 

Organizations, leadership and change management 

In order to navigate successfully in today's business environment, organizations need to continuously adapt. Organizational models become more fluid, agile is gaining rapidly traction across industries and leaders need to permanently sharpen their skills. In order to help clients adopt the organizational model which helps them grow sustainably their business, we address topics like:    

  • Organizational design 
  • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Culture and talent management 
  • Agile design and implementation 

Transformation, turnaround, interim management, insolvency   

As the environment changes fast, businesses need to permanently transform themselves. Sometimes this is about continuous changes in order to gain or to maintain competitive edge; other times, this is about a tough restructuring or turnaround in order to survive. Business transformation is at the core of our skills, and we help our clients with:   

  • Corporate transformation 
  • Restructuring and turnaround  
  • Interim management 
  • Insolvency management 

Operational improvements  

Operational excellence should be at the core of every company who wants to be competitive. Maintaining cost advantage, continuously improving and streamlining every element of the value chain give companies the needed edge to make bold moves in the market. To help customers by efficient and effective, we address topics like:  

  • Optimization of operational costs 
  • Optimization of capital investments    
  • Production and supply chain optimization  

Technology, digital and analytics   

The future is digital, there is no question about it. Therefore, it is a matter of survival for companies to adapt fast their IT strategy and systems, to leverage data in all business decisions and to digitize the business model. We help clients fare this journey by assisting them with:  

  • IT strategy
  • Data analytics 
  • Company-wide digitization 
  • E-commerce excellence 

Compliance and risk management    

In many industries, the regulatory environment is getting more stringent every day. Moreover, the types of risk we face in most business is diversifying: new technologies bring new cybersecurity issues, geopolitical changes are less predictable, and the explosion in social media generate new challenges. We help clients master these risks though:    

  • Risk management 
  • Fraud prevention 
  • Controlling 
  • Internal audit 
  • Regulatory  & compliance 


As part of more complex transformations or on a standalone basis, we help clients address all legal their issues, including:  

  • Corporate law, employment  
  • Litigation, dispute resolution, out-of-court arbitration, court proceedings 
  • M&A
  • Competition and state aid 
  • Intellectual property 
  • Regulatory assistance 
  • Processing of personal data, investigations and DPO 

All our services are provided across all key industries

  • Telecom, media and technology 
  • Energy - Oil & Gas, Utilities 
  • Financial institutions 
  • Public sector 
  • Pharma & healthcare 
  • Retail & FMCG 
  • Industrial goods, automotive, aerospace, defense